Media Plan & Strategy development

Steps in media plan

Types of Media


Media refer to the general & delivery system available to carry out advertising messages to the selected audience such as


  1. Print media, (New paper, magazine etc)
  2. Broadcast media – (TV, Radio, Cinema)
  3. Outdoor media
  4. Network Media


Media Planning:-

Media planing is the service that needs to be taken in delivering the advertisement message to the largest number of target audience in the most effective manner at the lowest cost.


It refers to the number of times (frequency) and the number of individual in the primary target audience where the media will reach

The data were collected on the weekly basis on large number of adults.

The data is collected on the”primary audience” “households, own a TV sets” and “secondary audience”household owning a TV sets”, but to watch TV atleast once in a week

Target Audience

Demographics describe “who” your audience is in quantifiable terms such as age, gender, household income and education attainment. Psychographics and exographics attempt to explain the motivational “why’s” of consumer behavior.