Post independence after a long time south India’s regime are starts fight for their rights. South India is contributing major tax revenues to the country, South India delivers 4th of India’s GDP. Even in high rate of industrialization and a per capital GDP that is more than double of North India. But South India has dropped it far down in last 5-6 decades due to north’s atavistic politics.

South India is effectively slammed for having scaled up in its per capita incomes to the top in India and scaled down in poverty.

How much each states receives back for every 100 rupee paid as tax to the country:-

Note: Sources from decomposition of FFC transfers to states ministry of finance and reports of finance commissions.

States Reupees
Andhrapradesh 67
Karnataka 47
Kerala 25
Tamilnadu 40
Bihar 96
Chattishgarh 30
Uttarpradesh 179
Madhyapradesh 75
Jharkhand 31

Even politicians from south India are crying to get a very simple rights because of the majority. South India’s states are fighting each other and not working as union so easily they are utilizing the opportunity.

Ministry of Urban Development has allocated Rs.20000 Cr in 2016 for Delhi development alone which is more than collective allocation of South India’s all cities like Chennai, Bengalore, Hyderabad and Kochi. So all job creators are immigrating to north India, because of lack in infrastructure development and urban development in South India.

So South Indian regime politicians are trying to make as a union of south states and named as United states of south India.