Anna University has introduced “Consortium of Industries”, wherein industries which are doing manufacturing or productivity process or any other related process can sign a MOU with Anna University for the following benefits

1. To conduct refresher courses, training programmes, guest lectures etc., to the staff of the Company.
2. To impart industrial training for the students.
3. To support industrial visits and accomplishment of industrial projects and actively involve in providing placements for the students.
4. To support development of new programmes and courses for which there are sufficient demand in industries.
5. To interact with the concerned Department of the University in restructuring the curriculum taking into account the topics of immediate and long term relevance to the industries.
6. To organise jointly thematic seminars and conferences which have mutual benefit to the industries and the University.
7. To attract industrial collaboration to support significant research programmes of vital interests to industries.
8. To promote Faculty-Engineer interchange by creating provision for faculty to work in industry for short duration and by encouraging competent professionals from the industry to take up teaching / research activities in the University for short duration.

The business who are willing to be part of the consortium can apply to Anna University – Source from Anna University :