Indian Premier League was started in 2008, governing body is BBCI, Its Twenty, Twenty cricket match contested in India during April and May month of every year.

Indian Premier League (IPL) for the year 2018 has been started from 7th of April 2018; the schedule was announced by BBCI

IPL Twenty20 Schedule for the year 2018

Date Team Venue Time
Apr-07 Mumbai Indians  Vs  Chennai Super Kings Mumbai 8:00 PM
Apr-08 Delhi Daredevils  Vs  Kings XI Punjab Delhi 4:00 PM
Apr-08 Kolkata Knight Riders  Vs  Royal Challengers Bangalore Kolkata 8:00 PM
Apr-09 Sunrisers Hyderabad  Vs  Rajasthan Royals Hyderabad 8:00 PM
Apr-10 Chennai Super Kings  Vs  Kolkata Knight Riders Chennai 8:00 PM
Apr-11 Rajasthan Royals  Vs  Delhi Daredevils Jaipur 8:00 PM
Apr-12 Sunrisers Hyderabad  Vs  Mumbai Indians Hyderabad 8:00 PM
Apr-13 Royal Challengers Bangalore  Vs  Kings XI Punjab Bangalore 8:00 PM
Apr-14 Mumbai Indians  Vs  Delhi Daredevils Mumbai 4:00 PM
Apr-14 Kolkata Knight Riders  Vs  Sunrisers Hyderabad Kolkata 8:00 PM
Apr-15 Royal Challengers Bangalore  Vs  Rajasthan Royals Bangalore 4:00 PM
Apr-15 Kings XI Punjab  Vs  Chennai Super Kings Indore 8:00 PM
Apr-16 Kolkata Knight Riders  Vs  Delhi Daredevils Kolkata 8:00 PM
Apr-17 Mumbai Indians  Vs  Royal Challengers Bangalore Mumbai 8:00 PM
Apr-18 Rajasthan Royals  Vs  Kolkata Knight Riders Jaipur 8:00 PM
Apr-19 Kings XI Punjab  Vs  Sunrisers Hyderabad Indore 8:00 PM
Apr-20 Chennai Super Kings  Vs  Rajasthan Royals Pune 8:00 PM
Apr-21 Kolkata Knight Riders  Vs  Kings XI Punjab Kolkata 4:00 PM
Apr-21 Delhi Daredevils  Vs  Royal Challengers Bangalore Delhi 8:00 PM
Apr-22 Sunrisers Hyderabad  Vs  Chennai Super Kings Hyderabad 4:00 PM
Apr-22 Rajasthan Royals  Vs  Mumbai Indians Jaipur 8:00 PM
Apr-22 Rajasthan Royals  Vs  Mumbai Indians Jaipur 8:00 PM
Apr-23 Kings XI Punjab  Vs  Delhi Daredevils Indore 8:00 PM
Apr-24 Mumbai Indians  Vs  Sunrisers Hyderabad Mumbai 8:00 PM
Apr-25 Royal Challengers Bangalore  Vs  Chennai Super Kings Bangalore 8:00 PM
Apr-26 Sunrisers Hyderabad  Vs  Kings XI Punjab Hyderabad 8:00 PM
Apr-27 Delhi Daredevils  Vs  Kolkata Knight Riders Delhi 8:00 PM
Apr-28 Chennai Super Kings  Vs  Mumbai Indians Pune 8:00 PM
Apr-29 Rajasthan Royals  Vs  Sunrisers Hyderabad Jaipur 4:00 PM
Apr-29 Royal Challengers Bangalore  Vs  Kolkata Knight Riders Bangalore 8:00 PM
Apr-30 Chennai Super Kings  Vs  Delhi Daredevils Pune 8:00 PM
May-01 Royal Challengers Bangalore  Vs  Mumbai Indians Bangalore 8:00 PM
May-02 Delhi Daredevils  Vs  Rajasthan Royals Delhi 8:00 PM
May-03 Kolkata Knight Riders  Vs  Chennai Super Kings Kolkata 8:00 PM
May-04 Kings XI Punjab  Vs  Mumbai Indians Mohali 8:00 PM
May-05 Chennai Super Kings  Vs  Royal Challengers Bangalore Pune 4:00 PM
May-05 Sunrisers Hyderabad  Vs  Delhi Daredevils Hyderabad 8:00 PM
May-06 Mumbai Indians  Vs  Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai 4:00 PM
May-06 Kings XI Punjab  Vs  Rajasthan Royals Mohali 8:00 PM
May-07 Sunrisers Hyderabad  Vs  Royal Challengers Bangalore Hyderabad 8:00 PM
May-08 Rajasthan Royals  Vs  Kings XI Punjab Jaipur 8:00 PM
May-09 Kolkata Knight Riders  Vs  Mumbai Indians Kolkata 8:00 PM
May-10 Delhi Daredevils  Vs  Sunrisers Hyderabad Delhi 8:00 PM
May-11 Rajasthan Royals  Vs  Chennai Super Kings Jaipur 8:00 PM
May-12 Kings XI Punjab  Vs  Kolkata Knight Riders Mohali 4:00 PM
May-12 Royal Challengers Bangalore  Vs  Delhi Daredevils Bangalore 8:00 PM
May-13 Chennai Super Kings  Vs  Sunrisers Hyderabad Pune 4:00 PM
May-13 Mumbai Indians  Vs  Rajasthan Royals Mumbai 8:00 PM
May-14 Kings XI Punjab  Vs  Royal Challengers Bangalore Mohali 8:00 PM
May-15 Kolkata Knight Riders  Vs  Rajasthan Royals Kolkata 8:00 PM
May-16 Mumbai Indians  Vs  Kings XI Punjab Mumbai 8:00 PM
May-17 Royal Challengers Bangalore  Vs  Sunrisers Hyderabad Bangalore 8:00 PM
May-18 Delhi Daredevils  Vs  Chennai Super Kings Delhi 8:00 PM
May-19 Rajasthan Royals  Vs  Royal Challengers Bangalore Jaipur 4:00 PM
May-19 Sunrisers Hyderabad  Vs  Kolkata Knight Riders Hyderabad 8:00 PM
May-20 Delhi Daredevils  Vs  Mumbai Indians Delhi 4:00 PM
May-20 Chennai Super Kings  Vs  Kings XI Punjab Pune 8:00 PM
May-22 Qualifier 1 Mumbai 8:00 PM
May-23 Eliminator TBC 8:00 PM
May-25 Qualifier 2 TBC 8:00 PM
May-27 Final Mumbai 8:00 PM


The matches were scheduled in Chennai are moved to Pune due to Tamil Nadu protest towards formation Cauvery Water Management Board.