Interpretation of company CIN – Top Facts on Corporate Identification Number

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) regulates corporate affairs in India by Companies Act, 1956, 2013 and other acts. CIN number will be assigned by MCA during company registration (ROC), Any new company should register with MCA (ROC) during its incorporation.

CIN contains 21 characters; it can be divided into 6 parts like

  1. Listed/unlisted status,
  2. Industry code
  3. State Code,
  4. Year of incorporation
  5. Ownership
  6. Registration (ROC) Number

Brief of each part in detail:-

Example CIN numbers –

i) L65110GJ1993PLC020769 – AXIS BANK LIMITED



  1. Listed/Unlisted status:-

The first character L / U indicates whether the company is listed in any one of or more of the stock exchanges in India or unlisted.

L – Represents Listed Company

U – Represents Unlisted Company

  1. Industry Code:-

From 2nd character to 6th character ( 5 digits) represents the industry code, Industry code assigned by MCA & National Industrial Classification, Others for identify the business activity of the company.


RAYMOND LIMITED (L17117MH1925PLC001208) having Industry Code 17117.

17 – Manufacture of Textiles

171 – Spinning, Weaving and Finishing of Textiles

1711 – Preparation and Spinning of Textile Fiber including Weaving of Textiles (excluding Khadi/Handloom)

17117 – Weaving, Manufacture of Wool and Wool Mixture Fabrics

  1. State Code:-

7th and 8th Characters indicates the states where the company has been incorporated.


U45201TN2005PTC057073 – TN – represents the company has been incorporated in Tamilnadu

  1. Year of Incorporation:-

9th to 12th characters – 4 digits indicates year of incorporation of the company

Example: U45201TN2005PTC057073 – 2005 is the year of incorporation of the company.

  1. Ownership:-

13th to 15th characters (3 digits) represent ownership of the company

PLC – Non-Government Public Limited Company

PTC – Non-Government Private Limited Company

OPC – Non-Government One Person Company

SGC – State Government Company

GOI – Union Government Company

GAP – Public Guarantee and Association Company

GAT – Private Guarantee and Association Company

ULL – Non-Government Public Unlimited Company

ULT – Non-Government Private Unlimited Company

FLC – Subsidiary of Foreign Company (Public)

FTC – Subsidiary of Foreign Company (Private)

  1. ROC – Registration number:-

Last 6 digits represent the company registration number.