India is one of largest country in the world, India is surrounded by three oceans, therefore has natural maritime advantages with 7500-km coastline covering 13 states and union territories. India has only small ports which are not ranked in top 20 ports of global. It leads to lose the EXIM opportunity among other countries.

India has decided to develop the coastline in four stages; Indian government has formed a company in the name of M/s. Sagarmala Development Company Limited. Sagarmala Development Company Limited is incorporated during August 2016 with authorized capital of 1000 Crs and paid up capital of 215 Crs.

Four Stages:-

  1. Port Modernisation
  2. Port Connectivity
  3. Port-led Industrialisation
  4. Coastal Community Development

Port Modernisation:-

Planned to improve the efficiency of ports by install new equipment, expand the size of ports etc, 40+ capacity enhancement projects at major ports and 6-8 new ports are going to be built.

Port Connectivity:-

Planned to build coastal and inland waterways, improve road and railway connectivity under which 80+ connectivity projects has been planned.

Port-led Industrialisation:-

Planned for 14 coastal economic zones and 12 high potential industries across energy, materials and discrete.

Coastal Community Development:-

Government has planned to develop skills of coastal community people, uplifting fishermen and other local communities and island development.


S. No. Project Theme Total
No of Projects Project Cost
(Rs. Cr)
1 Port Modernisation 189 142,828
 2 Connectivity Enhancement 170 230,576
3 Port-Linked Industrialisation 33 420,881
4 Coastal Community Development 23 4,216
Total 415 798,500


Disaster or Prosperity:-

  1. For expansion and new ports, lands are going to be acquired from farmers, fishermen and common property being used by people?
  2. Major ports are going to be lead by private corporate,
  3. Poor/poverty peoples lands are going to be given to private corporate, private owners
  4. Livelihood of fishermen are going to be miserable
  5. Army is going to enter all the where, lead to autocratic governance
  6. Around 1200 islands are going to be given to private owners
  7. The budget has been made for coastal community development is only Rs.4216 crs. People are producing sea foods more than budget, Now their freedom is going to be miserable, they are going to be slave to private owners
  8. How the budget is going to be managed? Either by people’s money or huge borrowings. There are many sectors needs to be motivated, water resources needs to be protected and improved, agricultural sector is going worst, and farmers are dying every day.
  9.  What are we going to export and what are we going to import?
  10. Why private owners, why can’t government then what for it is?