Many people used look out for weight loss, the only way to loss weight is following diet, taking healthy food, taking fruits, legumes and pulses regularly.  Exercise is very important to keep body under control and healthy. Should not take any medicines to loss weight, it creates lot of side effects and big health issues later days

Below I have given a simple and natural remedy to weight loss – Mint soup


  1. 8 glasses of pure water
  2. 1 cucumber, (remove skin and slice it into multiple peaces)
  3. 12 green mint leaves
  4. 1 spoon ginger powder
  5. One spoon dry mint
  6. 1 lime – slice it into multiple peaces

Making Procedure:-

Mix the entire ingredient and keep it for a night, take it next day from morning, can take 4 glasses per day, morning before food. Continuously take it for 4 days. And give gap for a week and do it again. You feel the changes in your body and you will loss weight every day.

Note: must do exercise during the course, at least simple exercises.